Groupon | Clear Channel Online Auction | Other Vouchers/Certificates

Information for our Groupon Customers

Two or three times a year we offer a Groupon Deal. These offers are exclusive to Groupon. While they may contain our standard products, they are of an unique size and product configuration. Due to the uniqueness, we ask that once you have purchased the “deal”, reserve your product by contacting the Mentor office, by sending an email to groupon@theoliveandthegrape.com. We will confirm your reservation. We will then set yours aside (for 72 hours) with your name on it.

Our Groupon offers are always: Limit one per household.

If your Groupon included a Class Voucher, please see below, “Class Voucher Fine Print”

*Do not consider your reservation complete until you receive a confirmation from us. (The reservation is made on a day that is mutually agreeable.)

Clear Channel Online Auction

We participate in each online auction with the Cleveland Clear Channel radio stations. These online auctions are offered in March, May, September and December.

At each auction, we offer an assortment of Private Classes and Events, Vouchers for Classes and Events, Gift Sets and numerous “________ of the Month” Clubs. (Note: The actual product items and the monthly clubs are restricted to new customers only.)

After the auction closes, Clear Channel forwards the list of verified winners to us. At that time we send out a letter of explanation to the winners (sent via email). The winners of the monthly clubs are asked to declare which location they will pick up at. Monthly vouchers are issued for those clubs. (Monthly vouchers are given at Month One, when the Clear Channel Certificate is surrendered.) The Monthly pick ups begin the month after the auction. Example: The May Auction “Of the Month” Clubs pick ups will be June through the following May.

December 2013

Oil/Vinegar of the Month:  Spiced Cranberry Apple Cider Vinegar

Best of: Cranberry Orange BV

Balsamic of the Month:  Cranberry Orange

Gluten Free Item of the Month: Curly Noodles

Other Vouchers/Certificates (such as Amazon Local, Living Social and Daily Deal Cleveland)

If you have a voucher or certificate that is NOT from Groupon or the Clear Channel Auction, please contact our Mentor location’s office via email us at special_offer@theoliveandthegrape.com.

We DO NOT redeem gift baskets, packaged sets on days that we are holding an event or Open House, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon.

If your offer included a Class Voucher, see “Class Voucher Fine Print” below.


Class Voucher Fine Print: If your Groupon, Daily Deal Cleveland, Amazon Local, Living Social, or any other offer included a Class Voucher, please understand that since it was purchased at the drastically reduced price, it is considered an offer. It cannot be combined with any other offer or receive other coupons/vouchers at the class. Also, even though there will be no fee to attend the class, reservations are still required. Classes fill up. We require all reservation requests be made at via email, events@theoliveandthegrape.com, at least 72 hours prior to the class.  No phone calls are excepted for Class Voucher reservations. These vouchers do NOT expire.