Our Team

OAG_Candice_BertholdOwner, Candice Berthold, CHC, AADP, Certified Health Coach

Owner, Candice Berthold, CHC, AADP, a Certified Health Coach (Board Certified by AADP – American Association of Drugless Practioners), transforms how customers view and treat their health. One of her favorite quotes is “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” – Hippocrates

Candice offers classes and events on a monthly basis at the Mentor and Kamm’s locations. She is also available for private classes and private shopping consultations – to help you determine the best products for your particular dietary and wellness goals.

She cares a great deal about her customers and strives to bring the very best products and education to them.

Food = Medicine

Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food. – Hippocrates