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Mediterranean Lifestyle

Mediterranean scene Experience the benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle! Learn what makes this lifestyle one of the healthiest in the world. Our stores and website are dedicated to helping others learn about and experience what others have known for centuries... that good eating (the food itself as well as how it is prepared), fitness, socialization, and the appreciation of wine are the keys to a healthy body and mind. The Olive and the Grape specializes in olive oils, vinegars and other specialty foods consistent with this healthy lifestyle. We support our products with education through classes and events, as well as offering literature and recipes. We have...
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Health Tips

We care about our customers and their wellness. That's why this website includes a wealth of information and tips to keep you healthy. From articles and tips, to recipes using our healthy products, to links to websites you will want to check out, we want you to know! If reading just isn't enough, you can take one of our classes, or even schedule a private shopping consultation with owner, Candice Berthold, a Certified Health Coach, to choose products that will specifically benefit YOU. Let The Olive and the Grape show you how food can be your medicine....
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The Benefits of Balsamics

Did you know that Balsamics are so good for you? They can decrease your insulin load, reduce your sweet cravings, reduce acid reflux, and neutralize the glycemic index, among many other health benefits. Enjoy 4 teaspoons a day to feel the benefits. Visit our Vinegars page to see some of our selections of Balsamics....
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Healthy Eating with Olive Oil

Adding olive oil to your diet — and cutting down on other, less healthy fats — can be part of a healthier way of eating. In fact, doctors and nutritionists commonly recommend olive oil as a component of a smart, well-balanced diet. It may seem remarkable that such a small dietary change – switching from one type of fat to another – can significantly impact your health, but the type of fat you fancy really matters. Some fats, especially those in olive oil, have more healthful properties than others. Monounsaturated fat is the healthiest type of fat. It promotes heart health and might help prevent cancer and a host of other ailments. Monounsaturated fat helps lower "bad" LDL cholesterol levels without negatively affecting the "good" HDL...
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